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I am an adjunct professor in the Philosophy, Humanities, and Religion Department at Santa Rosa Junior College. I am also a part-time employee of our Distance Education team. The most passionate love affair of my life has been with teaching.  I am also a massive technophile and enjoy incorporating all sorts of tech tools, gadgets, and new ideas into my classrooms.  Because of my love of teaching and technology, I consider myself to be the most fortunate person in the world because I have jobs that let me combine these things.

This blog is here to help other instructors, professors, teachers, whatever-you-call-yourselves as educators navigate the candy store environment that is contemporary educational technology.  I am hoping to offer new ideas, inspiration, pragmatic advice (and sometimes not-so-pragmatic advice), as well as encouragement for those who might be wondering if there is an app for making some aspect of teaching more fun, easier, or more successful.

You will also find input from my long-suffering TA, Jesse, here.  He is good-natured, fair, and responsible as well as compassionate and insatiably curious. He has all the qualities that make a good instructor and he is often the source of inspiration for some of my nuttiest in-classroom capers.

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