Rating Scale Explanation Page

How do I rate thee?  Let me count the ways...

This is my first attempt at a rating scale. These are the components that are most important to me when it comes to evaluating classroom tool.  This scale will likely grow and evolve as I spend more time reflecting on ed tools.

Easy to use (out of 10): This applies to both Instructor and Student, Are there guides, help docs, videos to help learn to use it? Is it something that can be learned in a day or a few days?  Is the interface simple and easy to understand?

Flexible (out of 10): Is it more than a single-use tool? Does the tools\ have a variety of potential applications?

Fun (out of 10): Do student enjoy using it and look forward to it? Does it increase my excitement about teaching or introducing new activities?

Power Level (out of 10): Does it help make instructor's lives easier and contribute to gathering valuable information about the class? Or, does it offer tools that make conducting business in the classroom markedly easier and more efficient?

Functionality (out of 10): Does the tool offer consistent and supported functionality for a wide range and variety of students and instructors? Is it supported on a number of devices and/or is largely non-proprietary as far as software/apps are concerned?

Affordability (out of 10): Is it free and/or inexpensive for both instructors and students? If there is a cost, is it a value to both instructors and students that makes it worth the cost?

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